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“Wenn die Menschen nur über das sprächen, was sie begreifen, dann würde es sehr still auf der Welt sein.” 

- Albert Einstein

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Romantic Phrases In German Featured Image
German Language

Romantic Phrases In German To Impress Your German 'Schatz'

Germans may not be among the most romantic men in the world but it doesn't mean that you can't be lovey-dovey to your German partner. If you're ready to thaw that coldness of your German beau, here are some romantic phrases in German that you can say to your Schatz or he might have uttered...

vermieten und mieten featured image
German Vocabulary

Vermieten und Mieten - What's The Difference?

Vermieten und Mieten I was riding the subway the other day when I read that Berlin is the city of apartment-hunters. Oh how true it is! That's why we're discussing today the difference between 'vermieten und mieten'. What's that for you? Well, if you're learning German and living in Germany, you should never miss these...

merry christmas in german
German Language

'Merry Christmas' in German Language - How to greet the right way

Christmas is one of the best seasons you could ever experience in Germany. It may be cold - we had negative temperature in Berlin last week - but still no one stops me from having that Christmassy vibe. So here I am sharing the same happy vibe by teaching you how to say ''Merry Christmas''...